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Retire Ronald McDonald—Do it for our kids!

I’m relieved that our country’s taken a first step in getting a grip on health insurance for all, but we’re sunk unless we can now get a grip on our health. With diet implicated in much of our nation’s disease burden, it makes a lot of sense to reverse the forces that have turned food itself into a national health threat.

That’s why I’m thrilled today, March 31, to take part in the launch of a national campaign to retire Ronald McDonald, who for almost fifty years has enticed youngsters into eating habits with horrific life-long consequences.

Did you know that one in three American children is now predicted to be stricken with diabetes?

Corporate Accountability International, a global leader in securing the first global public health treaty—the 2005 Global Tobacco Treaty—is today announcing its campaign to halt marketing unhealthy food to children at a press conference in New York City.

McDonald’s targets the most vulnerable among us- our kids. We need to stand up for them and target McDonald’s- arguably the company most active in marketing unhealthy food directly to chi