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Breaking Free from Three Deadly Thought Traps

By Frances Moore Lappé // February 15, 2022

The assumption held by many Americans that our nation enjoys relatively equal opportunity in part reflects widespread lack of awareness of how extreme U.S. economic inequality has become.

Originally Published on Common Dreams, February 15, 2022

For decades I grappled with one puzzle. Why would we homo sapiens, supposedly the brightest species, be creating a world together that as individuals none of us would choose? I'll bet no one turns off the alarm in the morning and begins plotting to worsen world hunger or heat the planet.

Then, something clicked. I became aware of a special feature of our powerful minds. Of course, our complex brains illuminate a lot we need to know to thrive; but a special feature of human consciousness can, literally, destroy us.

The danger is this: We humans see our world filtered through culturally determined frames. So, we