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“You've made such a difference to our students and us. The buzz is still very much with the students. They are inspired!"

—Dr. Laurent Savoy, Professor of Environmental Studies, Mount Holyoke College

Frances Moore Lappé

Climate Crisis In Focus: Finding Hope Through Democratic Action

In America today, many of us can feel overwhelmed by the simultaneous political, economic, and climate crises upon us. Frances Moore Lappé discusses these three interacting roots of our problems: a brutal form of capitalism, big money's grip on our democracy, and climate catastrophe. She shows us how realizing their unity can be empowering, not overwhelming. They open historic opportunity. Addressing one crisis, we are working to solve all three. Through inspiring stories and startling facts, Frances helps us realize our own power to generate a new story as we tackle these root causes with exhilarating, courageous action—together. 

Living Democracy, Feeding Hope

Despite America’s widely lamented polarization, Frances Moore Lappé celebrates our striking unity on democracy itself. With stories and surprising facts, she captures the excitement of Americans across all issue-passions building an historic Democracy Movement for reforms that address the heart of our political crises. She explores the movement’s roots as well as its impressive but unheralded successes.

To End Hunger, Begin with Democracy

With surprising stories and shocking numbers, Frances Moore Lappé makes clear that scarcity of food is not the cause of hunger experienced by more than 800 million. The cause is scarcity of democracy, she argues. Frances focuses on solutions actually ending hunger in diverse corners of our world through initiatives that empower farmers and their communities.

Anna Lappé

Diet for a Hot Planet 
Anna Lappé talks about the links between our food system and the climate crisis — and how farmers are on the frontlines of climate impacts and of climate solutions This talk also focuses an underreported climate strategy—agroecology, a way to build resilient, healthy, equitable food systems. 


Spinning Food 
Anna Lappé exposes the decades-long efforts by the food industry, particularly pesticide producers, to push doubt, denialism, and deflection about their products using similar tactics and messaging strategies as Big Tobacco and Big Oil, with similarly disastrous impacts on health, wellbeing, and the environment. Pulling from internal documents made publicly available as a result of litigation, Lappé showcases the behind-the-scenes story of PR spin and misinformation to help all of us be critical consumers, not just of the food we eat, but the media about the food we eat.    


Marketing Food to Children
Anna Lappé takes on the billion-dollar business of marketing junk food to children and teens. Learn about the dubious marketing tactics of junk food giants and ways you can fight back to promote kids' health.

The Empathy of Food

Anna Lappé speaks on how our empathy connects us to our collective power: she offers her reflection on seeking truth and practicing solidarity in these times.

Frances Moore Lappé or Anna Lappé

Do We Really Need Industrial Agriculture to Feed the World?

The biggest players in the food industry—from pesticides to manufacturers—spend billions of dollars every year selling the idea that we need their products to feed the world. But, do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world? No, another pathway not only can meet our food needs but help address poverty and the global climate crisis.

Frances Moore Lappé & Adam Eichen

Daring for Democracy
Intergenerational duo Frances Moore Lappé and Adam Eichen uncover the root causes of our democracy crisis and the underreported story of millions of Americans joining together to restore and deepen democracy through a "movement of movements."


Photo by Michael Piazza

“Students in my classes were bubbling with enthusiasm about your presentations and discussions at our school. I think one student captured the mood of many when he described your presentation as a "TED talk"filled with data and analysis but uplifting and inspirational as well! You had quite a positive impact and have motivated many of these young people to think harder about their life choices and how they can make a difference in the world.”
—Dr. William Felice, Professor of Political Science, Eckerd College

FML food coalition keynote2018.jpg

Frances speaking at Long Island University November 2018

“We had so much fun with Frances! Send her back to us, please! She presented an inspiring talk on Thursday that kept everyone glued to their seats. Students continued the conversation with her afterward until 10:45pm (we began at 8pm). I’ve never seen someone evoke such energy from our students. She also gave wonderful answers in the classes she attended and the Homestead students loved meeting her.”
—Marlaine Browning, Program Coordinator, Denison University