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Crisis of Trust: How Can Democracies Protect Against Dangerous Lies?

Crisis of Trust

By Frances Moore Lappé with Max Boland and Rachel Madison

Democracy lives on honest dialogue and dies on a diet of lies. So how can democratic cultures that prize freedom of speech also protect against the lasting damage that disinformation can wreak? There are few more important questions today. Disinformation destroys the trust essential to tackling the most pressing challenges of our time, from the climate crisis to political polarization to devastating economic inequities. None can be met without honest communication. In Crisis of Trust, we share lessons gleaned from leading democracies demonstrating leadership on this vital question. We hope their stories will fortify our own determination to step up to the challenge, as well as offer practical ideas we might adapt to our own realities.

We hope you find the final report both illuminating and inspiring and welcome your feedback. Please direct any questions or comments to

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