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Hope's Edge

Hope's Edge
Photos from the Trip

ISBN 9781585422371

By Frances Moore Lappé & Anna Blythe Lappé


Tough-minded but optimistic, they capture the ills of genetic engineering, pesticides, and corporate concentration, as well as successful efforts by local people to restore their dignity and interconnection to life... Essential for all public and academic libraries."

—Karen Munro, Library Journal

Hope's Edge is a deep, thoughtful, and provocative look at how we feed ourselves and how our diet affects our bodies, our communities, and our fragile and ever smaller planet. It issues an imperative to act; to support our local farmers; to teach the value of true democracy; to treasure our environment and to savor the gift of healthy, whole food. Read it and pass it on to a friend. As Diet for a Small Planet did for many of us thirty years ago, it could change your life."

—Organic Consumers Society

Thirty years ago, Frances Moore Lappé’s groundbreaking Diet for a Small Planet challenged Western assumptions about hunger. Lappé was the first to argue systematically for the rejection of meat-based eating and cultivation in favor of a system where ‘corn becomes filet mignon’ and eating lower on the food chain (i.e. more grains and vegetables) is crucial the key to ending worldwide hunger, since non-meat proteins are much more efficient and sustainable to produce. Her new book, co-written with her daughter, comes into a world still grappling with the problem. Describing their journeys through Brazil, Pakistan, Holland and the U.S., the Lappés continue to question the economic status quo as well as discuss the way different countries handle food production in times of scarcity and plenty. By focusing on their individual journeys and choices, the Lappés bring intellectual concepts to a personal level, and in doing so, challenge us to do the same. What we eat directly, they argue, connects us to the earth and people around the globe. ‘Food has a unique power,’ Lappé writes. ‘With food as a starting point we can choose to meet people and to encounter events so powerful that they jar us out of our ordinary way of seeing the world, and open us to new, uplifting and empowering possibilities. They call us to travel hope’s edge.’ Recommended for those interested in a better understanding of the world hunger crisis and personal ways to make a difference and for healthy cooks too: a recipe section features delicious vegetarian, organic and whole-foods dishes from celebrated restaurants such as Chez Panisse and Angelica Kitchen."

—Publishers Weekly

In a bleak time, sick time, Hope’s Edge is more than a palliative. It offers a way toward a cure."

—Studs Terkel, Radio Personality and Author

Diet for a Hot Planet should revolutionize our debate – and our diet – just as much as Diet for a Small Planet did back in 1971."

—Jill Richardson, Founder of, Author of Recipe for America: Why Our Food System is Broken and What We Can Do To Fix It

Mother and daughter make an informed and impassioned case for new, visionary approaches to feeding ourselves and the world."

—Magical Blend Magazine

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