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So we reframe hope-defeating ideas -- about scarcity, power, and democracy -- freeing citizens to create a living democracy TOWARD LIFE

Frances Moore Lappé


At the Small Planet Institute, we believe that ideas have enormous power. So we seek to identify core, often unspoken, assumptions—economic, political, and psychological—now driving humanity to take our planet in directions that none of us individually would ever choose. In addressing this tragedy, Small Planet focuses on solutions: From the crisis of needless hunger to that of democracy itself, we offer evidence-based, life-serving frames of understanding and stories of possibility to enable all of us to perceive and join in solutions emerging everywhere.

“Every aspect of our lives is, in a sense, a vote for the kind of world we want to live in.”  - Frances Moore Lappé

I declare myself... a 'Planetarian'!

Discover the book that revolutionized the meaning of our food choices and sold more than 3 million copies—now in a 50th-anniversary edition with a timely introduction plus new and updated plant-centered recipes

This new edition features eighty-five updated plant-centered recipes, including more than a dozen new delights from celebrity chefs including Mark Bittman, Padma Lakshmi, Alice Waters, José Andrés, Bryant Terry, Mollie Katzen, and Sean Sherman.



Small Planet Institute spreads an empowering understanding of democracy as the wide dispersion of power, transparency in public affairs, and a culture of mutual accountability. We call it Living Democracy, enabling each of us to act effectively on emerging solutions from electoral politics and economic life to the environment, hunger, agriculture, and beyond.

Our goal is thus a future where all communities are thriving with dignity as Living Democracies, fulfilling our essential needs for personal power, meaning, and connection. 

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The Godmother of ‘Plant-Based’ Living

"On a recent afternoon, Ms. Lappé welcomed a reporter into her home in a leafy town outside Boston to talk about the way we eat, then and now. Despite her success — “Diet” has sold more than three million copies, and she was named a recipient of the Right Livelihood Award, a kind of alternative Nobel Prize — Ms. Lappé, or Frankie to her friends, is a down-to-earth, cheerful woman of 77. She greeted her guest with a warm bowl of Comforting Carrot and Onion Soup, one of the recipes included in “Diet,” which she specially prepared that morning..." Read More


By Steven Kurutz

November 20, 2021

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"Lappé is amazing. Her beautiful capacity to connect people to the land, to their bodies, to the food they and we eat is so inspiring."

Karri, Green Festival Boston, Massachusetts

"One of the wisest women on the planet today. We always walk away with so much to think about—it kindles all of our creative energy—and propels us into action!"

Jeri Levitt, Boston, Massachusetts

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