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Crisis, Opportunity, and the Power of Hope

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By Frances Moore Lappé and Small Planet Institute Team

​For your review and feedback!

Despair is humanity’s worst enemy, I believe, so we—the whole Small Planet team—have created an easy-to-digest tour of inspiring ways US cities, states, and farms are stepping up to meet the climate crisis. Plus we explore key lessons from abroad. Knowing that hope has power—as it organizes our minds toward solutions—we focus on surprising, motivating actions already underway in both Red and Blue states, and often in bipartisan collaboration.

We prepared this initial, on-line-only edition of It’s Not Too Late!—for your review—during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our goal has been to make it easy for readers to weigh in to make it stronger. In the next few months, we will then incorporate all your feedback and choose how best to publish the result.

Our goal is to inspire determination to take these solutions, and more, to scale. Very simply, learning that so much more is happening than we’d known has fired us up, and we sure hope it will motivate you!

Plus, the moment is right. With a new administration in Washington committed to climate action, we hope all our readers will use these stories to push forward the most effective Green New Deal possible. It is not too late to prevent the worst, but every day we delay makes it harder.

So, download your book. Then dive in, knowing we are eager for your input to make it stronger as well as your advice for sharing this edition ever-more widely.


Introduction  Humanity's Emergency & Vast Opportunity

Chapter 1:  The Power of Possibility

Chapter 2: Tools that Work

Chapter 3: Choosing the Greenest Green

Chapter 4: Climate Stories of Possibility

Chapter 5: Down to Earth—More Plants, More Peat... Less Meat

Chapter 6: Trusting the Power of Courageous Action

Into Action


“I really appreciate the optimistic tone the author incorporates in their writing. This can be a very dreary and negative subject to some, but the writing style is so inclusive and positive; leaves me feeling hopeful rather than pessimistic.” Suffolk University Student

“The climate crisis is generally discussed with such doom and gloom due to the scale of the problem and its consequences. However, while the global situation is certainly dire, this pessimism and doomsaying can be counterproductive if it only encourages nihilism and inaction. To avoid making the reader feel powerless in the face of such an obstacle this book has a clearly different approach. From the book’s title to each chapter’s heading, its optimistic tone and focus on the achievability of specific climate goals leaves the reader empowered with a clear road map to climate success.” —Suffolk University student

“Passing comprehensive climate change legislation at the federal level often feels like an insurmountable task, especially with the how partisan the current government is. Describing examples of domestic climate success emphasizes the achievability of managing climate change through policy.” —Suffolk University student 

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