Oxford Real Farming Conference
Oxford Real Farming Conference

January 7, 2021 Frances shared the climate crisis challenges and her message of Living Democracy.

Daring Democracy in 2020
Daring Democracy in 2020

October 28, 2020 Frances and Adam Eichen were joined by author David Daley to dicuss applying their 2017 book "Daring Democracy" to Decision 2020.

Elders Climate Action MA
Elders Climate Action MA

August 8, 2020 Frances spoke about “What Actions Can We Take in Response to the Climate Crisis?” She gave examples and explored the linkage between climate change and democracy.

Goddard Graduate Institute
Goddard Graduate Institute

August 3, 2020 Frances spoke at Goddard Graduate Institute's virtual event about interdependence, climate change and democracy.

Sustainable Iowa Land Trust Book Forum
Sustainable Iowa Land Trust Book Forum

July 24, 2020 Frances hosted July's installment of Sustainable Iowa Land Trust's Book Forum. It focused on her book "Diet For A Small Planet". Frances discussed how to fix our food system and current food democracy.

Boston Globe: The Future of Food Panel
Boston Globe: The Future of Food Panel

July 23, 2020 Frances spoke as a panelist at this virtual event. It focused on what COVID-19 has revealed about our food system, and what we can do to make it better.

Slow Living Summit - 2020
Slow Living Summit - 2020

June 4, 2020 Frances gave the Keynote speech during Strolling of the Heifers' Virtual Slow Living Summit. She explored how large beverage, food and local producers are utilizing new innovative techniques in their practices of food production, farming and agriculture that can help reduce climate change.

PCC Farmland Trust Earth Day
PCC Farmland Trust Earth Day

April 22, 2020 Frances and her daughter, Anna, spoke together at at the virtual event, Climate Change & Farmland: Building a Resilient Future for Washington. The PPC Farmland Trust works directly with farmers with climate change adaption and mitigation to ensure the future of farming in the Puget Sound region.

Praxis Peace Institute
Praxis Peace Institute

March 5, 2020 Frances spoke about "The Climate Crisis in Focus: Finding Hope Through Democratic Action.”


Together and separately, Frances Moore Lappé and Anna Lappé speak at dozens of conferences, universities and to citizen organizations, community associations, and sustainable living festivals every year. 

What happens when Frances' book Eco-Mind is used in a classroom?

“I fortuitously assigned Eco-Mind excerpts for reading on Tuesday November 6, 2018 so we talked about democracy and stewardship on election day! The students SO appreciated your perspective.  First, one person said - “I’m an environmental science student and I’ve been getting pretty depressed about the planet.  This was so refreshingly positive.”  Then another person said, “Yes, but what made it so effectively positive is that it was also critical.”  Then a third student said, “You know, it made me really hopeful  … but it also made me really angry.  How can I be 22 and nobody ever told me about these incredible things that people have accomplished! I’m not going to let that happen to anybody else!”

-- Liz Carlisle, Lecturer at Stanford University


University of Delaware

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Vassar College

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You are amazing. Your beautiful capacity to connect people to the land, to their bodies, to the food they and we eat is so inspiring.

Karri, Green Festival

Boston, Massachusetts

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Thank you for an amazing talk today that was inspiring and thought-provoking for our group.

E3 Washington

Seattle, Washington

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​One of the wisest women on the planet today. We always walk away with so much to think about—it kindles all of our creative energy—and propels us into action! —Jeri Levitt, Boston, Massachusetts

Your words and thoughts have given us a needed infusion of hope for future action in this challenging time. —Jessica Sawyer, Bethesda, Maryland

​Thank you for a truly special series of events in Iowa. Accolades and warm words about your time here are still coming into our office. —Iowa Environmental Council, Des Moines, Iowa