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World Hunger: 10 Myths

By Frances Moore Lappé and Joseph Collins

From best-selling authors Frances Moore Lappé and
Joseph Collins comes the 21st century’s definitive book on world hunger.


Driven by the question, "Why hunger despite an abundance of food?" Lappé and Collins refute the myths that prevent us from addressing the root causes of hunger across the globe. World Hunger: Ten Myths draws on extensive new research to offer fresh, often startling, insights about tough questions—from climate change and population growth to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the role of U.S. foreign aid, and more.


Brimming with little-known but life-changing examples of solutions to hunger worldwide, this myth-busting book argues that sustainable agriculture can feed the world, that we can end nutritional deprivation affecting one-quarter of the world’s people, and that most in the Global North have more in common with hungry people than they thought. For novices and scholars alike, World Hunger: Ten Myths will inspire a whole new generation of hunger-fighters.


Professors at these schools have let us know that they are using World Hunger: 10 Myths in their classrooms:

  • University of Oklahoma, OK

  • Ursinus College, PA

  • Central College, IA

  • Eckerd College, FL

  • St. Mary's College of Maryland, MD

  • Ramapo College of New Jersey


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ISBN 0802123465

Table of Contents

  1. Myth One: Too Little Food, Too Many People

  2. Myth Two: Climate Change Makes Hunger Inevitable

  3. Myth Three: Only Industrial Agriculture & GMOs Can Feed a
    Hungry World

  4. Myth Four: Organic & Ecological Farming Can’t Feed a Hungry World

  5. Myth Five: Greater Fairness or More Production? We Have to Choose

  6. Myth Six: The Free Market Can End Hunger

  7. Myth Seven: Free Trade Is the Answer

  8. Myth Eight: U.S. Foreign Aid is the Best Way to Help the Hungry

  9. Myth Nine: It’s Not Our Problem

  10. Myth Ten: Power Is Too Concentrated for Real Change—It’s Too Late

Spinach Leaves


World Hunger addresses problems of enormous human significance with valuable and often surprising information, much insight, sound common sense, and fundamental decency. It should become not only a
book for study, but a guide to action.”

—Noam Chomsky

Like its predecessors, this brilliant book distills the truth about the state of global hunger so accessibly and urgently that you’re left not just wiser, but armed and ready for the fight to make the world better.”

—Raj Patel, Author of Stuffed and Starved

A must-read from the world’s most trustworthy guides to how we can end hunger. With great clarity, Lappé and Collins not only discredit widespread misconceptions but provide persuasive evidence of
what’s needed to meet the challenge.”

—Hilal Elver, United Nations, Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food

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