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What to Do After You Turn Off the T.V.

By Frances Moore Lappé 

Frances, like millions of other Americans, worried that too much television was bad for her children and their family life. "But what else can we do?" Isn't that the question that keeps so many of us hooked? This unique book provides the answer.

Lappé and her children, Anna and Anthony, share inspiring and intimate glimpses into the many activities they and dozens of other families have developed as alternatives to watching television.

From arts and crafts to cooking and baking...from storytelling to make-believe...from simple games to days at the beach...from educational experiences to to just plain silly fun, here are things to do every day, on rainy days, and on special occasions...activities for toddlers, older children, and the whole family.

With the TV off, your family, like the Lappés, will discover endless and delightful possibilities - a pattern of living rather than watching with our children.

ISBN 9780345316608

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Is There Life After TV?
Chapter 2: Games for the Whole Family
Chapter 3: Everyday Things Families Do
Chapter 4: Enjoying Time with Toddlers and Young Children
Chapter 5: Imagine Yourself an Actress...Dancer...Radio Announcer
Chapter 6: Art in Everyday Life
Chapter 7: Writing for Pleasure
Chapter 8: Music in Our Lives
Chapter 9: Just Plain Fun
Chapter 10: Home as a Place to Learn about the World
Chapter 11: TV—But We're in Control

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