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Taking Population Seriously

By Frances Moore Lappé & Rachel Schurman

Most books on population simply sound alarm; this one asks what positively can be learned from the third world's few success stories. Six third world countries, plus the Indian state of Kerala, stand out for achieving dramatic reductions in birth rates. What made their success possible? And what lessons do they hold for our planet, where beings must quickly bring our species into balance with the natural world?

ISBN 9780935028539

Table of Contents

1. The Population Puzzle 
2. The Population Debate 
3. A Power-Structure Perspective 
4. The Debate About Solutions 
5. Reflections and Implications for Actions 
Notes 75

Earth and Space


The perfectly remedy for those who naively believe that the root cause of hunger, poverty, and children's mortality throughout the world is simple population growth."

—Dr. George Kent, Political Science Department, University of Hawaii

It's thoughtful, well-researched, and persuasive...your work has instructed and inspired me."

—Dr. Donella Meadows, Environmental Studies Program, Dartmouth College

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