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Abalimi means: “the Planters” in Xhosa, the predominant language among our target community. We assist individuals, groups and community based organizations to initiate and maintain permanent organic food growing and nature conservation projects as the basis for sustainable lifestyles, self-help job creation, poverty alleviation and environmental renewal.

American Sustainable Business Council

Partners in this advocacy coalition are over 150,000 businesses and 300,000 business executives, owners, investors, and others—all working for public policies that support a vibrant, just, and sustainable economy. It advocates, for example, expansion of green jobs and an end to corporate tax-haven abuse.

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Feeding the World? Twelve Years Later, US Grain Exports Are Up, So Too Is Hunger

In the 12 years since an IATP report debunked the industry claim that corn and soybean exports help reduce global hunger, both exports and hunger are still on the rise. What has changed in that time, and what hasn’t?


Julia Olmstead, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, 2011.

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Harvesting Justice

“Field and Bell’s transformative work gets to the cultural and political heart of food politics and production. Harvesting Justice more than captures a deep, intelligent explanation of the state of food sovereignty in the Americas — it gives us an empowering, community-based framework for meaningful action. If you believe that food has power to change lives, read on.” 
—Frances Moore Lappé

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Complilation of Feature-Length Documentaries on Food, Farming, and Health

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FHE Multimedia
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