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Now We Can Speak: A Journey Through the New Nicaragua

By Frances Moore Lappé 

Now We Can Speak focuses on the lives of ordinary men and women in Nicaragua-how they are changing and why there is hope. Sra. Lopez and dozens of other Nicaraguans, from marketplace vendors and peasants living along the dangerous Honduras border to union officials and church activists, tell how the revolution has made a difference in their lives.

As they discuss their experiences with community organizations, their newly won political power, and the advances made against disease, hunger and illiteracy, a vivid canvas of contemporary Nicaragua emerges. They describe Nicaragua's approaches to the tough questions of democracy, participation, and power, revealing why Nicaragua's revolution defies stereotypes.

ISBN 0935028145

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements vii
Now We Can Speak 1
Our Journey 7
Nicaragua Is a School 115
Resources Guide 119

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