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Mozambique and Tanzania: Asking the Big Question

By Frances Moore Lappé and Adele Beccar-Varela


The neighboring African nations of Mozambique and Tanzania appear to have much in common. Both are recently independent. Both say that they are working toward socialism. Beneath the similarities, however, are striking differences. Looking at these differences will help the reader grasp some of the most basic. yet most illusive, questions of development participation, leadership, motivation, and equality.

ISBN 0935028056

Table of Contents

Thumbnail Histories and Profiles 11
Introduction 23
1. Development 31
2. Production 43
3.Leadership 65
4. Participation in Self Government 81
5. Villagization 97
6. Assistance or Cooperation? 109
7. The Conclusion and The Challenge 117
Notes 122
Resources 125


We want people to communicate our problems to those outside. We want people to know how difficult what we are doing is. If you only say good things, no one will believe you anyway."

Chief of Secretariat for International Cooperation
    Ministry of Agriculture Mozambique

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