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Timothy A. Wise is quoted in this PBS investigative report on how proposed changes to NAFTA could impact the American corn market. "He leans against his red pickup truck and looks out at the fields where workers tend to rows of corn, chili, zucchini and tomatillo. At 18, he was like them, a field worker. Now he rents and farms 30 acres of the land where he once labored..." 


Timothy A. Wise is quoted in Third World Network's recap of the Word Trade Organization's eleventh ministerial conference.

"A global network of civil society organisations (CSOs) has expressed deep disappointment over the failure of the eleventh WTO ministerial conference (MC11) to bring about outcomes amongst others on a permanent solution for public stockholding programs for food security..."

Timothy A. Wise is quoted in The New York Times.

"SAN CRISTÓBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico — William Ruiz Sánchez spends his days grilling burgers and slathering fried hot dogs with pepperoni and cheese at his family’s restaurant. Refrigerators and fire-engine red tables provided by Coca-Cola feature the company’s logo in exchange for exclusive sale of its drinks..."

Excerpt from EcoMind by Frances Moore Lappé published in Conscious Lifestyle Magazine.

"Editor's Note: In the following piece Frances Moore Lappé presents several widely held ideas and beliefs about the environment, presenting a challenge to the notions and premises that underlie each of these thought traps. Backed by science and research, she shows how we can reframe these ideas and use them to create the world and future we really want."

Op-ed by Anna Lappé and Christina Bronsing-Lazalde in the New York Times.

"The soda industry won big in Chicago this week when county commissioners voted to scrap the 1-cent-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks that had been in place for just two months.

This is a stark turn for the effort..."

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