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Kirkus Reviews: “…a grave and timely look at the future of feeding the planet.”

“The ravages of climate change come into sharp focus in this exhaustive report from the front lines. It is a scientific fact that the planet is warming. But how bad is climate change really? Based on the information in this country-hopping exploration of genetically modified seeds, vast land grabs in developing nations, the biofuel boom, and agribusiness overreach, we are in trouble….”

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Nature, International Journal of  Science: “[I]n Eating Tomorrow, Timothy Wise writes a powerful polemic against agricultural technology that is sold to developing countries as progress towards the common good, but that ends up as a tool of agribusiness oligopoly and profit.” - Felicity Lawrence 

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Booklist: “Wise [sees] hope in the small-plot farmers of the world who are rising in protest. His report will interest readers concerned about human rights and the environment.”

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CounterPunch: “Read Eating Tomorrow…. Tomorrow belongs to the future. This book promises to outrage and inform you to say no to agribusiness. It’s well-written, inspiring, and incisive.”

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Inter Press Service: “Agribusiness Is the Problem, Not the Solution"  - Jomo Kwame Sundaram, prize-winning economist and former official at UN 
Food and Agriculture Organization

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A.C.R.E.S U.S.A: The voice of ecological agriculture: "If you have any interest in how food is produced, distributed and consumed, this book is for you.... You will have a firmer grasp on the realities of the world food system and why it is so resistant to change." (read full review)

ResoluteReader: "Throughout the book, Wise emphasizes the self-organization of those who work the land and their families. As he points out 'the pro-corporate agenda' blinds policy makers and it is social movements that can, and have, transformed the situation."

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Daily Nation (Kenya): "Even though Eating Tomorrow is packed with data, it is accessible, rendered in the traditional journalistic manner that speaks to mass audience. The smallholder African farmer ... as well as anyone interested in the urgent question of the future of food, will find the book intriguing. It will, however, not be music to the ears of the African Green Revolution Forum bosses...."
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Timothy A. Wise is Senior Researcher at the Small Planet Institute where he directs the Land and Food Rights Program. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at Tufts University’s Global Development and Environment Institute. A widely published commentator on food and agriculture, Wise offers a unique combination of economic journalism, international development, and academic research. A prestigious Fellowship from the Open Society Institute supported the research for this book. He is the co-author of Confronting Globalization: Economic Integration and Popular Resistance in Mexico (Kumarian 2003) and A Survey of Sustainable Development (Island Press 2001).

Follow Wise on Twitter @TimothyAWise 

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