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50th-Anniversary Edition of Diet for a Small Planet Released September 2021


Diet for a Small Planet: 50th Anniversary Edition


Available Now!


By Frances Moore Lappé 

Discover a way of eating that revolutionized the meaning of our food choices and sold more than 3 million copies—now in a 50th-anniversary edition with a timely introduction plus new and updated plant-centered recipes


In 1971, Diet for a Small Planet broke new ground, revealing how our everyday acts are a form of power to create health for ourselves and our planet. This extraordinary book first exposed the needless waste built into a meat-centered diet. Now, in a special edition for its 50th anniversary, world-renowned food expert Frances Moore Lappé goes even deeper, showing us how plant-centered eating can help restore our damaged ecology, address the climate crisis, and move us toward real democracy. Sharing her personal journey and how this revolutionary book shaped her own life, Lappé offers a fascinating philosophy on changing yourself—and the world—that can start with changing the way we eat.


This new edition features eighty-five updated plant-centered recipes, including more than a dozen new delights from celebrity chefs including Mark Bittman, Padma Lakshmi, Alice Waters, José Andrés, Bryant Terry, Mollie Katzen, and Sean Sherman.


  • Almost 30% new content! New recipes, new +updated research, new chapter!

  • 85 recipes, with modern updates to existing recipes

  • New Introduction by the author on how the world has changed in the past fifty years--and the ways that Diet for a Small Planet is more relevant now than ever

  • New black and white illustrations and updates through reflecting new research


ISBN 978-0-593-35777-4


“Frances Moore Lappé is one of the few people who can credibly be said to have changed the way we eat—and one of an even smaller group to have done it for the better.” —The New York Times

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